Our Team


Quick, Succinct & Reliable

Tumble Dee Design Team ensures that each project is handled flawlessly to give the clients a memorable experience. Every detail matters when it comes to our design and each member of the team is aware of this, therefore they work tirelessly to make each project come to live for all the clients. The team is made up of different amazing and talented people that bring their uniqueness to the table in creating an uncommon master piece.


Our Partners


Architects, Artisans & Additional Contacts

Over the years, Tumble Dee Design has teamed up with like minds in delivering quality projects for each client. Our partners are in synch with us and work hard towards achieving the same goal, finesse in design. Only the best of the best in the trade are used to make it happen. Little wonder that our clients are usually very excited and happy with the end result of their stunning homes.


Our Clients


They Mean Everything To Us

We, at Tumble Dee Design have a saying that is constantly repeated, “Always put the client first” This rings true as we stride towards making their needs and desires met each time. We hold our clients in high esteem because without them, we would not be the great interior design company that we are. We put them at the forefront, and exceed their expectation by giving them quality design and a home that is true to their unique style. We prioritize their needs and wants and transform their houses to their dream homes, and in return they refer us to their friends and family.


Finesse. In. Design.


As Explained By Osi Odims


“When it comes to design, I ensure that it is impeccably done. It has to be my client’s taste and style, no stories! I go the extra mile to make this happen, each time and every time. Each home I design is specially and specifically made to suit my client’s needs and wishes”.


“The love for interior design started 2 generations ago when my grandmother realized she was in love with colors and putting intricate design styles together, she passed on this enthusiasm to her daughter, who then in turn also showed her daughter (myself) the ropes in design. I grew up with a burning passion for interior design. I have been able to turn my incessant love for interior design, the experiences of my grandmother, my mother and myself into a profitable business. That’s why in design, I bring years of experience and love for the craft to make each client’s project a success.


“Design by itself is broad, but when it comes to getting the job done, I bring in EVERYTHING that needs to be used to make my clients dream a reality. The results are consistently positive as I always pour myself into each project. This makes my clients super excited and happy when their homes are revealed to them!”